Where Summer Went


Greetings Friends,

Have you noticed that the days are still warm, but rapidly getting shorter. I’m not certain where summer went! The children are back in school and summer is officially over as of this Labor Day weekend. By the way, the good folks at the Superintendent’s Office of Huber Heights City Schools were very grateful for all of the backpacks and school supplies you donated for the kiddos. On August 21st, Dora and I delivered twenty-two backpacks and two carloads of supplies. Well done! It was very satisfying to deliver those supplies, knowing that your generosity makes a difference to so many children and teachers. Thank you!

Pay Attention!

Have you ever heard that when something comes into your experience several times you should pay attention to it? Perhaps the Universe has a message for you, and you don’t want to miss it! In the past couple of days, one word keeps popping up for me… “satisfaction.” Human emotion ranges from deep depression to absolute joy, and satisfaction and dissatisfaction are right in the middle of that scale.

Positive Direction

I believe that the simple, and oft repeated, choice of satisfaction over dissatisfaction is enough to turn our lives in a positive direction. If I’m feeling dissatisfied about some aspect of my health, I can focus my thoughts on how well most of my body is functioning. I mean, really, am I going to let a hangnail make me dissatisfied with a body that otherwise functions in miraculous ways? Well, maybe for just for one second… and then I’m going to think about all that IS functioning perfectly. I’ll make a list of all that brings satisfaction, and in only a moment, I’ll regain that delicious feeling of satisfaction-a feeling of divine contentment.

The same practice can be applied to anything we think about. If you’re thinking about something and feel dissatisfied, stop right there and look for things about it that are satisfying. You may not have a million dollars, but you have faith that your needs will always be met. You may not have faith that your needs will be met, but you have the ability to pray and change your thoughts about that. Knowing that your thoughts have the power to change your life is very satisfying!

The 25th annual World Day of Prayer

On Wednesday, September 12th, Unity celebrates the 25th annual World Day of Prayer. I invite you to join us that day at 7 pm for a special service focused on the “Courage to Heal.” There will be a Reiki Circle, quiet meditation, and beautiful music that will satisfy your soul. You have the power to consistently shift your focus and your feelings from dissatisfaction to satisfaction. And that, my friends, will change your life.

Light and Love to you,

Rev. Cindy