What’s In the Way is the Way

In his book The Endless Practice: Becoming Who You Were Born to Be Mark Nepo writes: Facing the things that prevent us from making our way is the road of freedom we each must suffer in order to become authentic enough to follow the thread of what matters. Frustrating as it is to keep retreating into our head, learning to stay in our heart is …how we prepare the ground for living a full life. … loosening the tightness of our identity is how we let our soul experience the Living Unity of Things. Thrown off course by the loss of a loved one, we discover that grief is the stripping away of all that doesn’t matter… Despite all our plans, learning to stay in our heart, … being made humble and gentle through the erosion of loss, and feeling empty enough to begin again – these are the steps to finding and re-finding the thread of all that matters.

Quote: “Like it or not, life keeps engaging us, asking that we follow what is real, until the light of the soul is drawn out of us, and that we carry what is real, until the depth of the world grounds us.” Mark Nepo


As I listen to the inner voice of God, my heart hears only assurances of love.


Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay 
Here is the YouTube link for the Unity of Dayton channel. 

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