Greetings Friends, 
I pray that you are happy and well.
This email is in response to several phone calls we’ve received asking if Unity of Dayton is still here. WE ARE STILL HERE!
When the pandemic first started last March, we closed the building and all mail was forwarded to my personal address. This March, the US Post Office would no longer forward the mail to the temporary address. I requested that they resume sending it to Unity’s mailing address but that didn’t happen.
The USPS just started returning all of our mail to the sender instead of delivering it to Unity. I’ve been to the Post Office to report the problem and, as of yesterday, we are receiving mail again.
If you sent mail to Unity and it was returned to you, please try sending it again. I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. The good news is, we are still here and all is well!
Thanks so much. 
Love and Abundant Blessings,
Rev. Cindy

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