The Power of Renunciation (Elimination)

The Power of Renunciation (Elimination) Have you ever felt like your mind was congested? Charles Fillmore writes, “Thoughts are things; they occupy space in the mental field. A healthy state of mind is attained and continued when the thinker willingly lets go of the old thoughts and takes on the new.” One of the twelve powers of humankind is the Power of Renunciation. Congested thoughts disperse when you loose them and let them go! Quote: “A change of mind effects a corresponding change in the body.
If the thoughts are lifted up, the whole organism is raised to higher rates of vibration.” ~ Charles Fillmore
Affirmation: The cleansing, purifying power of the Holy Spirit is active in me.
Color: Russet // Location: Lower Intestinal Region // Ability to release, remove, forgive, let go // Disciple: Thaddeus
Music Licensing is provided to Unity of Dayton by emPower Music & Arts (contact: and includes permission from the following artists:
• Kelly Hunt for Touch the Stillness
• Karen Drucker for Relax, Let Go
• Karen Drucker for I’m So Grateful
• Unknown Artist for You Are the Light of the World Special thanks to Joy Davis and Unity of Dayton’s band, Higher Ground



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