The Month of Love

Greetings Friends,

February is the month of love, and here at Unity of Dayton, we’re loving the energy we’re stirring up around here! I want to take this opportunity to update you on our Driveway Fund.


We’re Gettin’ There!

As of January 26th, you’ve given $19,694.95 toward the new driveway. When we have $25,000, one of our fellow congregants has a foundation that has generously offered to match our dollars for a total of $50,000. As you can see, we’re well on our way!
Last year we received several proposals from contractors for the project. We received bids to pave just the driveway, not to include any of the parking lot. We also received a bid to do a multi-phased project that would improve the driveway and a portion of the front parking lot.
Estimates ranged from about $38,000 for the driveway alone, to about $67,500 for phase one of the multi-phased project that would resurface the driveway plus a good portion of the front parking lot. With the second option, phase two (the final topcoat of asphalt) would need to be completed within a year of the phase one work. The cost of the second phase is not included in the $67,500 amount.

Exploring Possibilities

While we’re waiting for the warmer weather when paving season begins, the Board is evaluating our options and exploring the possibilities. Do we go with just paving the driveway and none of the parking lot? Or, do we wait until we have more funds so we can include part of the parking lot in the project? Both options have positive aspects.
Of course, there are many other factors that go into our decision. Please know that the Board will keep you informed, and because the expense exceeds $25,000, the final decision to authorize expenditure of the funds will be made by members of the congregation who are present at an official business meeting.
I know that we are all looking forward to driving up to Unity on a smooth new surface. I invite you to hold that vision! We thank you for your contributions and your patience as we move through the process.

Loving it All!

Rev. Cindy

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