The Word is Peace

Hello Friends,
After a couple of weeks paying close attention to the news and making the adjustments to “church online,” on Monday I finally had to take a down day. For a few hours, I stopped looking at the news. I stopped thinking about finding new ways to get things done. I paid more attention to my feelings and I spent more time in meditation. What I’ve discovered is, when I’m tuned into news about the pandemic crisis, I feel dramatically different than when I’m tuned into the Truth that I know. When we lean into Spirit, we naturally feel more stronger and more centered. “Nothing can disturb the calm peace of my soul.”
Tuesday morning, for the first time in a couple of weeks, I was up early and went shopping for groceries. Based upon statistics, the elderly are more vulnerable to severe symptoms with COVID-19. In response, several stores are opening an hour early for seniors. Before I walked in, I was greeted by security personnel-something I wasn’t used to seeing at the grocery. Once inside, I saw quite a few younger workers, and was warmly greeted each one. Blinking back tears, I was surprised to see black tape x’s on the floor, marking the safe six-foot distance between us while we wait to check out. I saw older shoppers, some wearing masks and gloves, searching for what they needed among areas of empty shelving. And, as I saw fear in people’s eyes, I realized how much pressure we’re all under. With my shopping mission accomplished, I retreated back to the peace of my meditation space.
With meditation, there is mental clarity and a sense of peace. There is also insight that the appearance of a global crisis is actually the first painful step of global transformation. Throughout human history, mystics and spiritual seekers have seen the potential for humankind to advance Godward. And now, it appears that the time is ripe. Communications technology, online business, and human consciousness have all advanced to the point where global transformation has shifted beyond a mere possibility to a very certain probability. Friends, we have come up to here.
Could this transformation have happened without all of the deep pain and suffering we’re now seeing? Possibly. If humankind would have shifted its focus inward and listened to the call of Spirit-a path of less resistance-we would have found ourselves walking a gentler path. And, what matters now is that we walk the path we’re on with as little resistance as possible. Or, better yet, let’s begin to put all of our focused attention and energy on walking a gentler path with ourselves and each other now. How many stories have you heard of people being kind to one another now. Old divisions are vanishing. Our physical distancing is an act of love for each other.
Friends, I believe there is great reason for hope as we move through the coronavirus crisis. A profound shift is occurring all around us and, if we will allow it, a Godward shift is occurring within us. We are going to make it through this and we will be positively transformed by it. This I believe…we haven’t come here to suffer. We’ve come to live in conscious union with Spirit and we are collectively giving birth to our communion. The time of labor has begun.
I’ll be sharing more about this during our online service at 11 am on Sunday, March 29th. I’m still experimenting with going live on our YouTube channel (Unity of Dayton) and Facebook page (Unity of Dayton). Look for an email with more information about how to connect this Saturday.
“Nothing can disturb the calm peace of your soul.” Be centered in peace my friends. Know that you are loved beyond measure.
Infinite Blessings,
Rev. Cindy
The weekly word is…Peace.
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