Renewed Life and the Promise of Warmer Weather

Greetings Friends!
May is a month of renewed life and the promise of warmer weather. It’s so good to feel the warm sunshine on our faces! I’m looking forward to kayaking and campfires, starry nights and fireflies. I hope you’ll spend some time enjoying our beautiful grounds here at Unity. The Labyrinth and Prairie Path are always open. 
If you haven’t already heard, Rev. Chase resigned from her position as Associate Minister of our Youth and Family Ministry. We’ll be celebrating with her tomorrow, May 5th, her last Sunday working with the children. Rev. Chase has touched so many of our lives. She has cared for our children and grandchildren, taught them spiritual lessons, and nurtured them as if they were her own. We have been truly blessed by the depth of her spiritual consciousness. Please join us this Sunday in wishing her well. She promises to return after she takes some time for rest and renewal! 

A Day of New Beginnings

Tomorrow is also a day of new beginnings. Perhaps you’ve noticed, as I have, that there seems to be more discord and struggle in our country than we’ve ever seen before. The divisiveness among everyday people isn’t new, but the certainty with which we hold our entrenched positions is intensified. And yet, as with all human problems, there is a divinely inspired solution-living a compassionate life.
This first Sunday of May we begin a new six week lesson series based on Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life, an amazing book by Karen Armstrong. As a religious historian, Armstrong looks from the long perspective of religious history, beginning with the Axial Age. The Buddha, Confucius, Rabbinic Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all have one common premise. We create a better world when we live by once simple rule. Living by that rule is the solution to our current world dilemma. Knowledge of the rule, plus taking the twelve steps described by Armstrong, will bring us into an enlightened new world. I hope you’ll join us for this powerful lesson series.      

Happy Mothers’ Day

Last (but not least!), for all of you moms and caregivers filling the mother’s role in someone’s life, Happy Mother’s Day! You’ve made all the difference in the world to at least one person. You have our deepest gratitude!
Much love to you, 
Rev. Cindy