Unity of Dayton
Sunday, Nov. 8, 2020
with Rev. Cindy White
 Red Pill, Blue Pill: What Do You Expect?
Neo, the protagonist in the movie, The Matrix, is given a choice of taking a blue pill and remaining in his familiar world, or taking a red pill that will awaken him to the greater reality. Neo finds that things are not always what they seem! In the quantum world, our reality unfolds as a manifestation of our expectations. When you expect “this or something better,” life stops happening to you, and starts happening for you!
“The more you look for synchronicity, the more magical your life becomes. You are the magician that makes the grass green.” ~ Robert Anton Wilson
I expect clear inner guidance that leads to my highest good.
Here is the YouTube link for the Unity of Dayton channel. 
Use of Karen Drucker music is by license with
EmPower Music and Arts (USA), # Dayton OH, U of #UDOH9018-20.
For licensing details, see item License Grant/Use: #7: The right to record and
synchronize the Compositions as part of live-streamed versions of church services,
and to archive video and audio versions of church services on organization’s
website or YouTube channels. 

Karen Drucker for There is Only Love

Karen Drucker for This or Something Better

Unknown Artist for You Are the Light of the World 

Special thanks to Joy Davis and Unity of Dayton’s band, Higher Ground.
Image by Septimiu Balica from Pixabay

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