Problems or Opportunities

Greetings Friends,

Last week Rev. Sue and I took a week for rest and renewal at an Indiana State Park campground. One evening, as we listened to the chittering of chipmunks and chirping of crickets, the peace was broken by the sound of a loud young human voice. It sounded like he was repeatedly yelling “Hey!” but we didn’t hear anyone else reply.

Our Perception

One could have different reactions or responses to that sound as it pierced the otherwise quiet evening. Actually, even saying that it “pierced” the evening frames it as an unwanted disturbance. Was it coming from a noisy ill-behaved child? Or was it coming from a person with a mental or physical disability? In either case, the source of the noise was not causing a problem. The stimulus was neutral. It was our perception of the stimulus that brought a reaction of irritation or a response of compassion.

Problems or Opportunities

This is a very important awareness, because every morning when we open our eyes we are blessed with another day of possibilities. Neutral situations occur and we give them all the meaning they have for us. We can think of what we don’t have and feel disappointed… or we can think of all we do have and feel appreciation. We can see problems… or opportunities. We can think of other people as being against us… or we can thank them for showing us where we still lack a sense of self-worth. Every person and circumstance is neutral. It is our perception that results in our negative reaction or positive response. Events are neutral, but there are no neutral thoughts.

Mixed Reactions

The real point I want to make here is that, while we don’t always have a choice about what happens, we do always have a choice in how we perceive it. Last month, in order to be transparent about our finances, our Board of Trustees decided to inform the congregation that our cash surplus was running low. We were also reminded that this is an appearance, not a Spiritual Truth. Based on the feedback we received, some people had a negative reaction to this news, while others had a positive response. The situation itself is neutral. It is a result of the consciousness we’ve held in the past. It says nothing about the future… unless we react with fear and foreboding.

No Lack in God

My friends, we are sons and daughters of the Most High. There is no lack in God, and therefore, the appearance of lack has no power over us. The current financial situation is not a problem, it is an opportunity for us to remember the Truth we know and to live that Truth on a deeper level. Rather than react with anxiety or fear, let us respond with faith and love. Our perception of this situation, and every circumstance, matters. It makes all the difference! And, we always have a choice.
I believe we are experiencing a “fine-tuning” of our powerful understanding of the Law of Mind Action. Thoughts held in mind produce after their own kind. We can now respond to financial “challenges” by seeing them as opportunities rather than problems. We can be excited about the possibilites!

Choose Compassion

Does it make a difference if the person making the noise in the campground is an “ill-behaved child” or a “person with a disability?” The noise was the same regardless of the source. Why not choose compassion? A spirit of generosity allows us to make the choice for a positive perception.
Whether we’re looking at our personal finances or those of the church, rather than fear the appearance of lack and let it take away our peace, we can remember that God is our Source. If you’re experiencing fear around Unity of Dayton’s finances, I invite you to be compassionate with yourself and with others. My friends, together we are learning mastery within life’s mystery. All is well in the Mind of God. May it be so in our minds.
Rev. Cindy

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