Precious and Fragile

Greetings Friends,
After the overwhelming destruction of the May tornadoes in the Miami Valley, we’re all looking forward to a quieter weather pattern in June. Driving through the affected areas and seeing the devastation reminded me that life is both, precious and fragile. Every day is a gift and an opportunity to live from our hearts of love and compassion. When we reach out to help our fellow travelers on spaceship Earth, we are the living instruments of God. There are so many heartwarming reports of generous giving and neighbor helping neighbor! As we bless others, we are blessed. Please know that God is blessing each of you for helping where you are able. We’re holding our neighbors in prayer in the coming weeks and months during the rebuilding of homes and lives.

Spiritual Truth

As weather events become more severe and our nation’s political climate also seems out of control, many of us are feeling a bit unnerved these days. We are living in times of sharp contrast, and it’s easy to get pulled into feelings of fear and helplessness. I believe this is a time for us to look deeper into spiritual Truth. There is a power within us that is greater than the world around us! 

The Nature of Mind

Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity, said, “It is the nature of mind to think; your every thought, no matter how trivial, causes vibrations in the universal ether that ultimate in the forms of visibility.” We each have the ability to shape our lives by focusing our thoughts and raising our vibration. Where two or more are gathered, we have even greater power to create the change we’re wanting to see. In our unity of purpose, we will calm the storms. 

Keeping Our Minds on Gratitude

So friends, as the rebuilding and restoration continues, let us keep our minds on gratitude and on God, the living, loving Source of All-Good. Let’s also take time to rest and play. Along those lines, I invite you to come together for our 11 am Celebration Service and our Annual Unity Potluck Picnic tomorrow, June 2nd. With a fiesta theme, it’s certain to be a joyful gathering for great food and fun. If it’s been a while since you’ve been to Unity, come join the party and reconnect with old friends. If you’ve just recently found Unity, this is a chance to make new like-minded friends.
May you find balance, strength, peace, and love in your living.  
Much love to you, 

Rev. Cindy