Greetings Friends, 

I pray that you are happy and well as we move into late Summer. This is the ninth month of 2020–a year unlike any other in recent memory. In the midst of all the chaos and confusion, I’ve come to conclude that none of what’s happening around me matters as much as what’s happening within me. 
While some people struggle to feel happy even when things are going well for them, others seem to thrive even under difficult circumstances. Psychologists call this ability to consistently thrive “resilience.” It’s the ability to overcome difficulties and bounce back no matter what. 
So, how do you develop resilience? First, you claim your power by saying, “No one and nothing else is responsible for the way I feel. Because I have the power to focus my attention anywhere I want, I can think myself into being upset or into being peaceful. I alone have the power to choose the objects of my attention and therefore, the way I feel.” 
Secondly, you focus your attention on finding things to appreciate. When it’s really hot outside, I remember how bitterly cold and icy wintertime can be. Ahhhh… now I appreciate summertime and cold lemonade! That’s a simplistic example, but the process is the same regardless of the circumstances. 
Energetically, appreciation is a very high vibration. Instead of watching the news, spend thirty minutes in appreciation. This changes how you feel, your energy level, and therefore, your “vibrational setpoint.” In other words, when you change your thinking, how you experience life changes. As you become more resilient, your positive energy actually brings positive change! 
Right now, our world is going through a rebirthing process and, while you can observe it, you don’t have to try and change it. What you CAN do is develop your personal resilience by creating a daily spiritual practice of appreciation. Look for the good, and in a short time, good is all you’ll see.   
Much love and blessings to you! 


Rev. Cindy


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