Music Ministry

Music is an integral facet of this ministry. We know that music serves as an uplifting, enlightening, healing, power in our Spiritual journeys, and we seek to express the Truth of our Being, as glorious expressions of the Creator through our music.

Music Team - Unity of Dayton
From left to right: Joy Davis, Doug Egbert, JoAnn Hampton-Moats (behind Doug), Brenda Anthony, Tony Gerardi, Catherine Wicks

Unity of Dayton’s music program is a dynamic, diverse and ever-expanding ministry of Truth messages. Attending one of our services, you may hear any of a number of musical styles and genres, from angelic choral pieces to blues/jazz, Native American flute to folk/rock, solo performers and full band ensembles.

We are blessed to have gifted artists performing every week, including:

Higher Ground – our ensemble, featuring:
Joy Davis – keyboard/vocals
Brenda Wood – vocals
Catherine Wicks – vocals
Doug Egbert – vocals
JoAnn Hampton-Moats – drums & percussion
Tony Gerardi – bass guitar and harp (harmonica)