Just Around the Corner


Greetings Friends,

Does anyone know what happened to Spring? Where did it go? The beginning of June feels like the middle of summer! I’m actually appreciating extra hours of daylight and feeling the sun’s heat soaking into my skin. Isn’t it wonderful to live in a climate with four seasons, where change is always just around the corner?

Change is Happening!

That’s certainly the way it has been here at Unity lately. There’s some serious change happening! As you may already know, we replaced the flat roof in April. Thank you God! We haven’t seen any more leaks and aren’t expecting any. Very soon the work begins on the new steps to the entryway. There has been a slight delay due to the weather, but we believe it will be done within the next two weeks. Thank you God!

Out behind the building there is even more change. In April, we submitted a plan to the city of Huber Heights which would allow us to turn the back two to three acres of our property into a native wildflower prairie with walking paths. Huber Heights approved our plan and the path has been mowed! I invite you to put on your sneakers and check it out. Later this year we’ll be planting native wildflowers that will attract beautiful butterflies and birds. Stay tuned for how you can help by providing plants and seeds for the area.

More change is coming…

Rather than continue to replace the old front parking lot light bulbs, the Board of Trustees recently voted to replace the old lights with new LED fixtures. The cost savings will be significant over the next few years, and the parking lot will be brighter as well. We are prosperous and we lighting up our lives at Unity!Another big change (yes, there’s more!)…, we’ll soon be painting the Social Area and hallway leading to the classrooms. The paint has being donated and the work will be done by volunteers who love to paint! What next, cleaning up the popcorn ceilings? YES!

It feels like all of this is leading up to something big, doesn’t it? Change is in the air and we are all sacred witnesses to the power of Love in action. We really feel the power when we ask ourselves, “What am I growing in my life? How much good can I do?”

God is Moving in and Through Us

Whatever seeds we plant in the new prairie will grow. We won’t get daisies if we plant thistles. Likewise, in our own minds and lives, when we plant thoughts of growth, goodness, and grace, we are open to the power of God moving in and through us. God planted you, a God-seed, in this world. May you grow in goodness and grace, and enjoy the beauty that’s being made manifest in your life!

Light and Love to you,

Rev. Cindy