In this Now Moment…

Greetings Friends,                    
I pray that you are navigating the seas of our changing times with ease and grace. March 2020 was only seven months ago, yet it feels like another lifetime. This month my letter to you may be more informational than inspirational. Since we’ve been out of our building, a few things have come up that required some attention. And, by attention of course I mean time and financial resources. If you’re feeling brave, read on!
One Sunday a few weeks ago when Rev. Sue and I came to Unity to livestream the Sunday service, we found something out of place. Oddly enough, the Unity wings that hang above the fireplace had fallen, but only on one side! There was no damage. The screw the wings rest on was still in place, but the wings were cockeyed and the left side was sitting on the mantle! How is that possible?
One hot summer day a few weeks before that, I noticed the building seemed very warm. Two of our heating and air conditioning units failed in one week. One unit required minor repair and has been fixed. The other unit will cost nearly $2,500 to repair, or about $8000 to replace. The repairman informed me that our units are eight years old and commercial HVAC units are only expected to last ten years. I couldn’t believe it! How is that possible? 
For a brief time this summer, we had heavy rains. One rainy day I arrived at Unity to find a waterfall. Water was flooding into the East side of the Sanctuary. I love waterfalls, but not inside the building! Thanks to a lot of help from Ron Julian, we learned that the roof drainage system, which hadn’t been properly installed in 1986, had finally become clogged with pine tree roots. It seemed like one day it worked fine, the next day it just didn’t. How is that possible? 
In this now moment, the wings are hanging as they should be, the drainage system has been replaced, and the HVAC unit still needs attention, but not until early Spring. Your Board of Trustees is working hard to make sure the building is ready for you once we have the “all clear” to begin gathering again. 
Friends, I invite you to keep the faith. Every passing day in another day closer to the end of the pandemic. Every day is an opportunity to live the Truth we know. And even though I don’t know how all of this will all be resolved, there is one thing I do know…. With God, all things are possible!   
Thank you for your ongoing support. 
With much love and encouragement,
Rev. Cindy

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