In Like a Lion!


Greetings Friends,

I remember the old saying,March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.” This year it certainly has come in like a lion! Even while Winter has us firmly in its icy grip, we know that the seasons are orderly and that Spring is on its way. We sense the renewed life just below the still frozen soil. We have faith that flowers will burst onto the scene in just a short time!

Metaphorically Speaking

Poets and philosophers often use Winter as a metaphor for the dark and cold times in our lives. When growth has stopped, colors faded away, and there appears to be no life, we can still have hope. Barren trees are not dead, but merely resting. And, in our own dark nights, we can also rest, knowing that our lives will go on. Our days will be brighter. Life will fill us up and we will spring forth again according to Divine Order.


Wednesday, March 6th is the first day of the Lenten season. Though observed by Christians all over the world, the Bible makes no mention of Lent as a spiritual practice. Still, the idea of a forty-day period of spiritual preparation has a sound basis. Metaphysically, the number “forty” represents a strong foundation for what is to follow. During the season of Lent, we are preparing to move away from darkness and confusion. We are making inner preparations for growth into new light, life, and clarity about our true nature, remembering that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

The Easter Experience

Just as Winter turns to Spring, the Lenten Season culminates in the Easter experience. Jesus, the Master Teacher, demonstrated that darkness has no power over us. Even death could not hold him! Birth, life, death, and resurrection are all passing seasons. They are not to overcome us, but are being overcome by us. During Lent, we prepare ourselves for the resurrection of our minds from false beliefs. When brought into the light of spiritual understanding, our error thoughts are left behind. No longer do they have any power over us. Just as the frozen ground yields to sun’s warmth, so will our false beliefs be transformed by the light of spiritual Truth.

Light Has Come Again

Have faith my friends. The longest, darkest nights are behind us and light has come again! Even when there seems to be no way, God will make a way. Rest in the knowing that there’s an overcoming power within you – the presence and power of God. Whatever your human experiences may be, as you pray, meditate, and listen to the still small Voice for God, prepare to rise up to new life – the abundant life – a life of wholeness and high level well-being. No matter what the darkness seems to be, you shall overcome.

Much love to you,

Rev. Cindy