Greetings Friends, 
I pray that you are happy and healthy as we approach the one-year mark since our spiritual community last gathered in person. Several people have shared feeling like it’s hard to believe a year has gone by…and it went by so fast! I just keep reminding myself that we are a whole year closer to the end of the pandemic. 
For some, it has been a very difficult year. There have been losses upon losses as so many of our loved ones have made their transitions. Please know that we hold you and your families in continuous prayer for strength and peace. May you feel comforted as you are enfolded in the living, loving Christ Presence.  
For some, this has been a year of deep reflection and introspection. We’ve questioned what we really value. As a result, our priorities have shifted. We’ve lost interest in “surface” problems and gone into a deeper relationship with each other and with our own Spiritual Essence, Christ within. 
Even though, at times, it’s felt like we’ve lost our entire way of life, we know the pandemic will soon pass. We’re already seeing encouraging signs. The time is coming when we’ll hug and hold hands, laugh and sing, touch a shoulder, and share a meal again. 
In the meantime, we’ve made some adjustments. We’ve had some great book study groups on Zoom. We’re grateful to be on YouTube and Facebook. You can watch the Sunday service anytime you like! We also now have an FM transmitter so you can come to “Drive-In Church” on Sundays. Claim your parking space, tune your car radio to 105.3 FM, and listen to the service with your friends. As the weather gets warmer, we expect to see many more of you gathering in our parking lot. 
This Sunday, March 7th, our Annual Business Meeting follows our service. At 12:30 pm, we’ll meet on Zoom. We’ll be voting to fill two Board positions and on a couple of minor Bylaws changes regarding electronic communications. The Board will also update you on our progress on maintenance issues, including the broken HVAC unit and flood damage from last summer. As we plan for reopening in 2021, it’s time to finish the repairs and polish the doorknobs!
Thank you, friends, for your ongoing love and support of your Unity community. I’m looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!
Much love to you,
Rev. Cindy
Image by Marzena P. from Pixabay 

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