Hot Days of August!


Greetings Friends,

As I stepped out of my front door today, I was hit by a blast of hot air radiating off of the concrete. Ahh! The hot days of August are upon us! I’ll not complain because I know that the colder months of winter are right around the corner. I’m reminded of those wise, oft spoken words, “This too shall pass.”

When we’re experiencing unwanted conditions that feel beyond our control, it can be very helpful to remind ourselves that nothing stays the same, so there’s no need to feel so much stress. And… there’s something more we can do.

We Have All That We Need

Charles Fillmore, cofounder of Unity, wrote, “We mold omnipresent substance with our mind and make from it all the things that our mind conceives. If we conceive lack and poverty we mold that. If we visualize with a bountiful eye, we mold plenty from the ever-present substance.” Mr. Fillmore understood that we already have all that we need to shape and mold our lives as we will. We have the power to choose our thoughts, to “visualize with a bountiful eye,” and to draw from the Infinite Field of limitless potential.

A few years ago, when I had very little available cash, I needed four new tires for my old Jeep. Rather than worry about driving on threadbare tires, I focused on researching what would be the best possible tires. Then I began shopping for the lowest possible price. Most importantly, I visualized how wonderful it would feel to pay for the tires with cash! I began putting away $20 each payday, and within a few months, I had received enough unexpected income to pay for the new set of tires! It felt like a miracle to me!

We Have Superpowers!

Mr. Fillmore taught that what seems like a miracle is actually using our superpowers of thought, choice, and visualization to shape and mold omnipresent substance. So, my friends, it you’re experiencing something that you’d rather not, whether it’s about your finances, health, relationships, or anything else, it’s good to comfort yourself by saying “This too shall pass.” And, you can do more than patiently wait. Focus on the solution, visualize with a bountiful eye, and have faith in omnipresent substance. When you use these superpowers, you open the way to the high level well-being that you deserve.

Use your superpowers and get ready for a miracle!

Light and Love to you,

Rev. Cindy