Holding the Vision

Greetings Friends,

I pray that this message finds you safe and well. We are now several months into the Coronavirus pandemic and until last week it looked like we might be settling into a new normal (whatever that means!).
However, with the killing of George Floyd last week by a White police officer, it appears as though yet another of the systemic injustices in our country has been brought to the light in an undeniable way. Worldwide protests are in progress, and racism is being called out as a virus that’s just as dangerous as Coronavirus, if not more so.
Since the first slaves were brought to this country, racism has always been a grave injustice. The difference now is, it can no longer be hidden or ignored. What has been revealed has come up to be healed. It is time for us to treat racism as the sickness of hatred and violence that it is. If you didn’t already see it, I invite you to watch my Sunday message from May 31st. Here’s the link and you can skip to the message beginning at 28:00 minutes.
As painful as it is to see the complete upheaval of our world right now, I do believe we are watching the beginning of the end of a world that has been dominated by the dense energies of fear and hatred. If feels as though we are on a precipice right now. The chaos we see could lead to anarchy, or to a new world order of compassion.
Yes, what we are living through now is all very painful. We are moving through the end times of racism, economic inequality, and domination and control over the many by the few. This is a time that tests our faith and calls us higher.
Anarchy or compassion, which it will be is up to us. I invite you to have faith that we are never given more than we can bear, and right now the balance of light and darkness has shifted to the Light. Please join me in holding the vision for a world of divine love, peace, compassion, divine justice. See it, believe it, know it, and we shall create it together.
Much love to you,
Rev. Cindy
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