Activating Your Twelve Powers

Hello Friends,
I pray that you are happy and well, making the best of the circumstances in which you now find yourself. As frightening as the pandemic virus has been for us, we must admit, it has given us the ideal circumstances in which we might find our Sacred Selves. As I’ve made my adjustments to this new way of living, I’ve found that my priorities have changed. At times, busyness must be set aside. Quietude is no longer a luxury, but rather, is as essential and nourishing as sleep to a newborn babe.
Where before we may have been lost in our employment, now we are finding ourselves in relationship to our families, friends, and neighbors. Not being able to hold and hug each other has afforded us time to hold and hug ourselves. We are being drawn into closer relationship with the Spirit of Life and Truth within. As we draw nearer to the living, loving Christ presence, we find our source of real power—an inner power that transcends fear and brings us peace.
This week we will begin a new lesson series based upon Charles Fillmore’s teaching of “The Twelve Powers of Man.” Of course, back in their day, Mr. Fillmore and others didn’t write in an inclusive manner. Today we would call them “The Twelve Powers of Humans.” Nevertheless, you get the point. Every human being has unlimited spiritual potential. When we awaken the Twelve Powers within us, we achieve a higher state of Christ consciousness.
In this time of global awakening, we are being called into a higher consciousness than we’ve known before. In the coming weeks, we’ll explore the Twelve Powers in the light of our lives today. We begin this Sunday at 11:00 am. I hope you’ll join me on the journey.
Be safe, be well, be blessed.
Much Love,
Rev. Cindy
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