A Message from Reverend Cindy

Friends, Family, and Neighbors,
Today we grieve for our sisters and brothers who were killed and injured last night in the Oregon District of Dayton. As this situation continues to unfold, we may feel fear, sadness, loss, or even anger. That’s okay. We need to feel our feelings. And when we regain our strength, we have work to do…. 
  • May we offer love and support to those who’ve lost so much.
  • May we be the voices of those who have lost theirs. 
  • May we call for common sense legislation to help contain this epidemic of senseless killing. 
  • May we remember that everything is love or a call for love. 
  • May we answer this call for love with compassion for the victims and their families. 
  • As soon as we are able, may we answer this call for love with forgiveness and compassion for those who feel so disempowered that they resort to violence and killing. 
  • And, most of all, may we come together in unity and love. We are here to support each other during this difficult time.
May the Presence and Power of Spirit, Source, All-That-Is, God, bless all who have been touched by this tragedy. We hold you in our hearts. May you feel enfolded in the love and peace of God. 
In Love and Unity,
Rev. Cindy White