Unity of Dayton

June 27, 2021  Sunday Service 

with Rev Sue Bryant 

 Wending our Way Home

If we have lost our way or are not certain what our next steps should be, it is helpful to have a compass, a map, or a GPS.  When our loss of direction is of a spiritual nature, we turn within to our Inner Guide. The four R’s: remember, release, receive, and return help us map our path on the Universal Spiritual Journey of wending our way home.

“…in the long, long trip of growing, there are stops along the way. It’s important to know when we need to stop, reflect, and receive. …those times can be the preamble to periods of enormous growth.” Fred Rogers

Affirmation: I release obstacles in my way and let Spirit be my guide.

Image by Haykanush Goroyan from Pixabay 


Use of Karen Drucker and Devotion’s music is by license with emPower Music and Arts (USA), # Dayton OH, U of #UDOH9018-20. For licensing details, see item License Grant/Use: #7: The right to record and synchronize the Compositions as part of live-streamed versions of church services, and to archive video and audio versions of church services on organization’s website or YouTube channels. https://www.empowerma.com/sites/default/files/Licensee%20Strike %20Dispute%20Document.pdf

Karen Drucker for “Breathe”; Devotion for “Stop, Step Back”; Karen Drucker for “I’m So Grateful”; Unknown Artist for “You Are the Light of the World ”

Special thanks to Joy Davis and Unity of Dayton’s band, Higher Ground.

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